Written & Directed by Ryan Gladstone
Monster Theatre - Vancouver, BC
V.14 - The King's Head Pub 
A dim-witted medieval simpleton is unwittingly named the King's new Court Fool. Hilarity ensues.
Sometimes it takes a FOOL to tell the truth.
Written and directed by Ryan Gladstone and starring Jon Paterson, the creators of 2022 Fringe Hits - Juliet: A Revenge Comedy (5 STARS) and How I Met My Mother (5 STARS).
5 STARS Monster Theatre is money in the bank - CBC
4 1/2 STARS Keeps audiences in stitches from beginning to end. - Winnipeg Free Press
5 STARS Wildly funny and wonderfully crafted - CBC

Jon Paterson

Ryan Gladstone

Show Info:
60 Minutes


Coarse Language, Violent Content, Sexual Content

Thu July 20 6:00 PM
Fri July 21 8:00 PM
Sat July 22 10:00 PM
Sun July 23 6:00 PM
Mon July 24 8:00 PM
Wed July 26 6:00 PM
Thu July 27 8:00 PM
Fri July 28 7:00 PM
Sat July 29 5:00 PM
Sun July 30 2:00 PM


Monster Theatre—The King’s Head Pub

Join our antihero Clod as he relates the misadventures that landed him in the King’s dreadful dungeon. Skillfully executed by the wonderful Jon Paterson, this tale is full of clever malapropisms and good intentions that backfire with truly horrific consequences. But just when we think all hope is lost for our foolishly optimistic Fool, tables turn in a most delicious way!

Lisa Campbell