July 12, 2023

Can you feel the excitement building? We are now one week away from the start of the 2023 Winnipeg Fringe Festival! You can check out our version of the schedule here. There are a number of familiar faces that we have not seen in quite a few years that will be back at Fringe. We are still doing the final touches on the Jenny website for this year’s festival, so bear with us if things look a little out of sorts. There is a list of current Shameless Self Promotions a little further down the page.

You Don’t Look a Day Over…—The very observant of you may have noticed the XXX at the top of the header marking this as our 30th Edition. We were 29 and holding for a few years there but are looking forward to having a great celebration this year. You can help us out by sending us any of your stories about the Fringe and the Jenny that you would like to share. For those feeling nostalgic, you can visit our Archives page to take a gander at all the ancient scrolls from the very beginning of the Jenny. I also encourage you to check out the Special 20th Anniversary Inserts from back in 2011.

What is Going on Here?—You really have to ask? OK, here we go, The Jenny Revue is an independent place for everyone to share their Winnipeg Fringe experience. While the Jenny will mostly be an E-Jenny, we do plan on releasing a number of “Best of the Jenny” print issues. That means we are not constrained to the limited space of the print version and we will also be able to have the reviews/ssps/letters on the site in a more timely fashion. Once the Fringe is up and running, while we do have an excellent little herd of Jenny Staff that help fill our web pages with reviews, we want to hear from you. You can contact us via email at jennyrevue@gmail.com. Please follow us on Twitter @jennyrevue, Instagram jennyrevue, and/or Facebook for updates on when the site is updated and other Fringe news.

Are you performing in a Fringe Show?— Welcome to our lovely festival. Please send us your Shameless Self Promotions (see below for an explanation) before the Fringe to try and convince the Fringe-going public to see your shows.

FAQ—The key parts of the Jenny are the following:

  • Reviews—We do a few things differently at the Jenny, one of the biggest differences is we do not use a star or number rating system. Yes that means you actually have to read a review to see what the person reviewing the show thought about it. We have always done it this way, and think that it is a better way to do things. We accept reviews from anyone, with only one condition: You must provide your real name, and some form of contact info (so you can be reached in case we need clarification). Not all the reviews we receive may get published but in general as long as the review was well written it will be published on the website.
  • Shameless Self-Promotion—If you are in a Fringe play and haven’t shamelessly promoted your show, put together 80 words (or less)—different from your program blurb—and send them to us. Clearly mark them as SSPs since it’s difficult to tell the difference between an unqualified rave by a satisfied patron, and a bombastic bit of self-promotion by a company scribe.
  • Letters—Got an opinion on something at the Fringe? It is always better to get it off your chest. Send us your thoughts with your name and contact info and if it catches our eye we’ll spread the word.
  • News—We are always looking for interesting or wacky things that have happened during the Fringe. If you have a tale to tell, let us know.

Last, but certainly not least are the Jenny Awards. This is our end of Festival party that will be held Sunday July 30th. The Jenny’s will be back at Across the Board Game Cafe a fully accessible licensed venue at 211 Bannatyne Avenue.

See you at the Fringe!

Murray Hunter