Workin’ Hard or Hardly Workin’

Art by Dave Pruden

July 20th

Workin’ Hard—We have hit the first weekend of Fringe and we are already at over 50 reviews posted, with probably another dozen or so to add later today.

Hardly Workin’—A world-wide computer glitch (thanks Microsoft) took down the Fringe’s Advanced Booking system and parts of their website on Friday. Everything was back online by Friday Evening. The show must go on, or so they say, so kudos to the Fringe organization for managing to keep things running through all the chaos. Dave Pruden had drawn the cartoon above well before much of the online world went down the drain. He may be prescient.

Workin’ Hard (part 2)—I witnessed a new grade A performance of flyering on Friday night out at MTYP. Some of the performers from Momentum Aerial & Acrobatic Troupe were indeed “Causin’ A Commotion” after their show, flyering cars as they stopped at the corner in front of MTYP. They had about a 90% success rate in people rolling down their window and taking their flyers, so well done.

Hardly Workin’ (part 2)—My brain and eyeballs. It has been a hectic start, and I still have a lot of reviews to go through and post, so I’ll keep it short. Keep those reviews coming in. Check out our Letters Section for some ruminations from Kevin Campbell about some of the tales from long ago.

-Murray Hunter

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