SSPs – Shameless Self-Promotions

Weeping Spoon Productions

The Ballad Of Frank Allen—MTC Up the Alley

THE BEARD IS BACK! The JFL Award-Winning (Best Comedy) ★★★★★ Fringe-hit returns to Winnipeg! A weird, sci fi buddy-comedy about a man who lives inside another man’s beard is back after numerous tours through Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Combining physical theatre, storytelling, musical comedy and indie-rock, The Ballad Of Frank Allen promises to be a Fringe experience like no other and one of the most weird and original shows you’ll ever see!

It’s All Relative Productions

So, do you want to talk about it?—The Rachel Browne Theatre

Anxiety is hard topic to talk about. That’s what Ingrid and Mia find out when their friendship emerges over a commonality with the mental disorder. Together they try group therapy, meditation, yoga, dance, and even talking to help find a path to healing. Along the way there will be some tears, and some laughter, and an understanding that talking can lead to health, and friendship.

From the creators of Filter This and One Date City (★★★★ Winnipeg Free Press).


ImproVision: Meow Chicka Meow Meow—Duke of Kent Legion

To the nice lady George accidentally collided with while playing a sassy dog; we apologize (we know that hurt; you were a real trooper about it). If it makes you feel better, George sprained his foot. Can 3 people perform improv on 5 legs and 2 crutches? We better; $20 from every sold-out performance goes to Craig Street Cats.

Extreme Players

The Trinity Unhinged—School of Contemporary Dancers

If you are a lapsed Christian or on the verge of becoming one, you will enjoy this show. Foul-mouthed Jesus is sick of sacrificing himself, the Holy Spirit is tired of being the bit player of the Trinity, and the Father is an out-of-control alcoholic with ultimate power over the universe. The Archangel is the only sensible one around them, but his power is limited. What happens when a crisis drives them all into conflict with one another? Come and find out.

Maximaliste Productions

Is That How Clowns Have Sex? A One-Woman Queer Clown Sex Ed Show—

Certified Sexpert Fiona Clark stars as Ms. Beatrice Haven. Have no fear, Ms. Beatrice is here (and knows an average amount about sex, but frankly, finds it quite mystifying). But it’s okay, she has her experiences…and is a certified teacher…and knows how to fake it…but what the junk is a dental dam?

“Not to be missed!” (Toronto Star)

“[…] a teacher able to make you sit up straight and often double over.” (Jim Burke, Montreal Gazette)

ArtsDiva Productions

Erik de Waal’s TROLLS, BULLIES & ROCK STARS or A Kerfuffle in a Doodlesack—Alto – Portage Place

One post from a bullying, homophobic South African roc kstar, and a social media kerfuffle
catalyzed Erik de Waal’s TROLLS, BULLIES & ROCK STARS or A Kerfuffle in a Doodlesack. As de Waal and other queer artists protested, real people contacted him with their stories and four gave him permission to retell them in this year’s show. TROLLS, BULLIES & ROCK STARS explores the dark side of human sexuality and challenges the audience to confront its biases and privilege.

Stories Alive

Bleak Expectations, Dickens’ First Draft—Planetarium

A one-man show, featuring British storyteller Eden Ballantyne (from last year’s Carmen and Don Jose & Grimm’s Fairer Tales) as famed author Charles Dickens, telling his brand new story, (his first draft) featuring all his now famous characters mixed up in his now famous plots. For a sneak peek video of the show check out Stories Alive’s webpage or YouTube account.

Enjoy a proper English classic told in a twisted way, in the beautiful Planetarium venue.

Crosseyed Rascals

Improv Comics: The Adventures of Poncho Kid—Centennial Concert Hall – Rehearsal Hall

Move over Superman, Poncho Kid is here to save the day. When it comes to clean improv comedy, the Crosseyed Rascals deliver-except for their uncensored late night show.

Strokes of Genius

Strokes of Genius—One88

The world of stroke recovery can be a weird emotional ride. Stroke survivors, Dianna & Mitch, think it is better to laugh about it than to cry about it. Join the Strokes of Genius and friends for an inappropriate sketch comedy adventure into their world.

Pirates of the West Side

Setting Sail—Tom Hendry Warehouse

Join Pip, #1, and Cap as they deal with barmaids, mermaids and a slightly petulant Lord Neptune.

Games of chance, athletic prowess and brain power mix with the rough seas of Who Knows Where.

See who comes out on top and who gets buried beneath the seas…