SSPs – Shameless Self-Promotions

Blanket Fort Theatre

The Perfect Pants—Kids Venue: MTYP – Mainstage

Giggles is a young clown growing out of her most favorite things and she has to come up with a plan to deal with it. There’s juggling, balancing, silly songs and some magic. Lots of audience interaction and a relaxed theatre environment so you can get up and move if needed, or go to the bathroom and come back. (Wouldn’t it be weird if there weren’t any bathrooms? Then we would have to be like the Geese and poop everywhere!) We would love to see you.

Drawing Board Productions

(in)decision—MTC Up the Alley

From the creators of “Bedwetter,” Tamlynn Bryson is back in another award-winning solo show.

About 1.2 seconds ago, Tess’s boyfriend proposed. Unsure what to say, she immediately calls an emergency meeting in her head. The show encapsulates the frantic and hilarious ten seconds inside her brain while she decides whether to say yes or no.

Only THREE MORE CHANCES to see this smash fringe hit!

“FIVE STARS – A gem of a performer in a gem of a show” -Winnipeg Free Press

Theatre Enthused

Influenced—Theatre Enthused

INFLUENCED opened to a sold out crowd in Toronto in June. The show got Nominated for Exceptional Clown Show at the Montreal Fringe. Here’s some audiences, critics and performers have had to say:

“Sam Chaulk is a psychopath. I was afraid for my safety.” – Cliff Cardinal

“It will rock your world…her humour is relentless. ” – Montreal Rampage

“Some moments will make you fall off your chair laughing. Some moments will hit you like a train.” -Steven Elliot Jackson

PUSH Physical Theatre

Generic Male: Just What We Need Another Show About Men—John Hirsch Mainstage

Winner of Four “Best of Fest’s”, two “Critic’s Picks”, The “International Fringe Encore Series Award”, an Off-Broadway run and even a “Volunteer’s Choice” has left sold-out crowds cheering for more. It’s an explosive, athletic, physical theatre ruined by a tragic lack of understanding. A masculinity satire by two well-meaning fools – arguing, dancing, desperately clinging to the status-quo.

“…exquisite actors and superb comedians…athletic and graceful…” – apt613

“This is the type of inventive, thought-provoking, relevant art the Fringe was made for.” (Best of the Fest) – Orlando Sentinel

Gangland Productions

Good Grief—MTC Up the Alley

If you see only 77 shows at fringe this year, make Good Grief #77. Good Grief is a very funny show about very sad things and it follows James as he learns to love his mother only after his father dies. There are laughs, tears, and fart sound fx. Come get real and get real silly.

Living the Dream

A One Human Being, Potentially Comedic Performance of Les Mis—The Rachel Browne Theatre

In this one-person musical meets parody meets comedy, local drama teacher Alli Perlov condenses the nearly 3 hour musical “Les Miserables” into a hilarious 52 minutes.

Perlov plays nearly 30 characters and includes gags, witty commentary & fun audience participation.

A refreshed version of the 2018 sell out show, Perlov hustles harder than ever to make you laugh, whether you’re a fan of Les Mis or not!

Lykos Theatre

The Comaback Kid—Théâtre Cercle Molière

Get your ringside seats to the ultimate battle of Brain vs Body as Mike de Jong tells the harrowing true story of spending his 30th birthday in a diabetic coma. Struck down in his prime, Mike shows just what it takes to pull yourself out of the deepest depths. Don’t miss this sleeper hit that is guaranteed to contain the Best Story you’ll hear at the Fringe this year!

Wind Flower Dance Company

Twenty Four—Tom Hendry Warehouse

Twenty Four is a day in dance. From the most important meal of the day to the end of the workday rush, Wind Flower Dance Co. captures the wonder of the everyday. With 24 dances, each representing an hour, Twenty four is full of a variety of music, styles and moods for everyone. Featuring a local cast of dynamic dancers from the School of Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg.

“A marvelous breakout performance by Wind Flower Dance Company”

Subscatter Productions

The Murky Place—The Rachel Browne Theatre

“The best parts of an acid trip.”


Audiences are raving about The Murky Place at Venue 8. Come watch 3 artists from across Canada do a dive deep into psychological territories through sonic exploration and subconscious unravelling. Kayla performs a wacky-but-poignant solo in a raincoat, Oriah has modified recordings of her grandparents’ voices, and our invited collaborator Alex Elliott shares the dark origins of an Icelandic lullaby.

Bring friends! ASL interpretation at every show.

Comedy Illusions of Greg Wood

The Magician’s Apprentices—Calvary Temple

Greg Wood has become a Fringe Family Show regular over the last 15 years with his comedy and magic. This year he teams up with a couple of award-winning young magicians to present a fast paced comedy illusion show sure to please audiences of all ages.

Comedy, illusions, audience participation (some of the cutest parts of the show) all add up to a wonderful family experience.