SSPs – Shameless Self-Promotions

Dark Horse Theatre

The Beginner’s Guide To Suicide—Cre8ery

Feeling sad? Depressed? Seriously down in the dumps? So is the main character in “The Beginner’s Guide To Suicide”, playing now at Venue #11 (The Cre8ery). See the show that sold out it’s opening night and got a thunderous ovation from the delighted crowd. Trust me, it’s not as dark as its title might lead you to believe. One viewer even called it “life-affirming”. Come and find out why. We’d love to have you there.


Tango, to the Pointe—John Hirsch Mainstage

As the only company in the world to dance authentic, improvised Argentine tango on pointe shoes, PointeTango has created a new show that pushes the boundaries of dance by exploring the possibilities and challenges that arise while transitioning from stilettos to pointe shoes.

Don’t miss this unique performance that reviewers are raving about:
“It’s flirty. It’s funny. It’s excellent.”
“Smoking hot”
“Wow. Just wow.”
-Rachel Levine (Montreal Rampage)

Still Your Friend

The Truth ™—The Output at Video Pool Media Arts Centre

It’s Curb Your Enthusiasm meets Queer As Folk, and the latest show from award winning touring artist Adam Bailey (Franz Ferdinand Must Die). Join this storyteller as they question whether honesty is the best policy, unearthing true stories – both historical and personal – to illustrate all the times where being right and being correct aren’t necessarily the same thing. Funny, thoughtful, with some handy camping advice – The Truth ™ is a show that should be on your list. (Venue 9 is right above the Cinematheque)

R-G Productions

Charming & Rose: True Love—MTC Up the Alley

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Rose, who was raised by wolves. All of her life, she wanted to be swept up by a prince. Enter prince Charming, who is excited by Rose and her feral tendencies. So excited, that he will do anything to keep her…ANYTHING… and that could put a “happily ever after” in jeopardy. Nominated for the 1993 Dora and Chalmers awards for playwriting, this modern fairy tale with a dark edge is not to be missed.

Power Pause Productions

The Morning After With Pam & Paula—MTC Up the Alley

Who’s not shitting their pants when they’re on a reality show, it’s their high school reunion, they’ve got nothing to wear and they haven’t accomplished anything. Ever. Meet Pam and Paula, not your typical underdogs. They bite back. Their morning TV talk show, normally live streamed from Paula’s parent’s basement (Hi Paula’s Mom!), is live at Winnipeg Fringe, Venue 2 – MTC UP THE ALLEY, where they’ll have 150 viewers every show! Suck it prom queens, Pam & Paula are in town!

Pam & Paula

Spec Theatre

mr.coffeehead—The Black Box at Le Théâtre Cercle Molière

What is the what what, Winnipeg?!

Checkity-check out mr.coffeehead, a powered-by-pickle-juice, slapstick tragedy that brags physical comedy, catchy original tunes, and inanimate objects that won’t shuddup.

* Nominated for Outstanding Clown Show (Montreal)

“an existential journey about motivation and finding meaning.”
Sarah Deshaies, CKUT Radio (Montreal)

Stories Alive

Buckets of Blood – Fairy tales not for kids—Planetarium

Join British storyteller Eden, as he retells some of the darker tales from the Brothers Grimm, from when fairy stories containing mutilation & kidnapping were all seen as perfectly acceptable for a kid’s bedtime tale. Things have changed, but it doesn’t mean these stories should not be told. Between a selection of the truly grim tales, find out the bits popular fairy stories have censored.

“He’s a delight to watch on stage even when weaving tales of cannibalism…” Intermission Magazine

Melanie Gall Presents

A Toast to Prohibition—Tom Hendry Warehouse

Prohibition is…the best, when you run your own speakeasy! But at midnight on December 4, 1933, the party came ended. Celebrate the last hour of lawlessness by revisiting some of the quirkiest (and musical) moments of the Prohibition era. Did you know Al Capone played a banjo? That Montreal was the Jazz capital of North America? That veterinarians were allowed to prescribe alcohol? Hurry, jellybeans, grab a glass of giggle water and join Melanie Gall for a historic musical adventure!

Historic Jukebox

One Man Back to the Future—Tom Hendry Warehouse

It’s pretty obvious that someone has messed with the space/time continuum and every time they try to fix it things are getting worse. Shelby Bond will help bring us back on course by recreating the classic movie with your help and at 88mph. See George McFly stand up for himself! Witness the harrowing car chase through the town square! Experience the awkward mom scenes! There’s never been a better time to get Back to the Future!

Melanie Gall Presents for Kids

Everleigh and the Magic Book—Kids Venue

Being a witch is…the worst, when your mother is the Witch Queen and you can’t even manage to cast even the tiniest spell. Luckily, when Everleigh finds a magic book, she discovers all sorts of useful powers: talking to birds…making flowers bloom, and…turning her mother into a goose? Even though having a clucking waterfowl for a mother is fun at first, Everleigh’s quest to find the magic to rescue her mother is an unusual (and musical) adventure for the whole family.