Art by Dave Pruden

Getting There—It is late Wednesday/Early Thursday and we have over 110 shows reviewed. We are hoping to have all of them done by the end of Thursday/Friday Morning. If you see a show that we have missed or if you think a review we did have missed the mark send us a review. Let us know about what you thought made the show something you enjoyed and/or what you thought they could have done better. We are starting to hit the final stretch so get out there and see some shows. Take a chance on something that might be outside your usual selection. Be bold! We hope we have helped you out on your Fringe adventure. The penultimate paper issue hit the boxes Wednesday afternoon, and we will do one more Friday.

Tornadoes and Xmas at the Mall—It was an interesting time at PTE in Portage Place on Wednesday evening. If you have not been by there yet you are missing out. In addition to all the great shows, the main atrium is decked out like Christmas for a movie shoot. Wednesday also brought a Tornado Warning. The movie production staff, PTE staff and techs, and Fringe Team Leaders prepared the crowd prior to shows starting on where to go to should one hit the mall. Great planning by everyone involved.

That is it for now, as I need to get some shut eye so I can get up early to put in more reviews.

Murray Hunter