Art by Dave Pruden

We have made it to Sunday. We have over 70 shows reviewed as of Noon Sunday. We also got a review of a venue from Kim Zeglinski raising important issues about venue 17’s seating arrangement. Not too shabby all considering. Keep those reviews coming. Apologies if it takes us awhile to reply to your emails, we are usually out seeing shows or elsewhere around the Fringe during the day and evening, so it is usually late when we get to respond. I’ll keep this short as I am headed back out there to enjoy the end of the first weekend of the Fringe. We also have some words from Ray Yuen, our Review Coordinator.

Murray Hunter

Every Fringe year, as soon as a patron finds out I’m a Jenny Reviewer, a question immediately arises. You can guess what the question is, right? Exactly:
“What’s your favourite show?”
To that question, I always have one answer:
“Read the Jenny!”
Then they rephrase:
“If you could only see one show, what would it be?”

In my real life, I’m also a restaurant reviewer. You can imagine how many times I get the question, “what’s your favourite restaurant?” The truth is: you cannot compare. You cannot compare sushi to Chinese, jerk to Thai, Cajun to Italian, nor rack of lamb to bratwursts. The same applies here: you cannot compare a dance show to improv, a musical to storytelling, nor skits to songs. Most of all—you cannot compare tastes. I like what I like, and you like what you like. I may hate what you like, and you may hate what I like. Even if we like the same things, how do we rank them? Certainly not with stars, not around here anyway. So what’s the answer? What’s your favourite show?

Read the Jenny!

Ray Yuen