Art by Dave Pruden

Big News—It is Monday morning and we greet the day with a great article about us from Eva Wasney in the Winnipeg Free Press. It gives a bit of the history of the Jenny and some of the people associated with it. Due to space limitations a few were left out. There were actually 3 Daves that have played a big part in the Jenny’s history. Mentioned was Dave Pruden, whose cartoons have graced the pages (and website) of the Jenny since almost the very beginning, but there was also Dave Nishikawa who provided art work and support and built Jenny Awards one year (more on this later), and Dave Cramer who was the graphic designer for most of the first 25 years and created the look of the print editions. While Coral McKendrick was mentioned as one of the creators, she was also the Editor for most of the Jenny’s run until I took over in 2016. Also huge shout out to longtime Jenny Award MC Shawn Kowalke who is also wrapping up his long run as one of the Horrible Friends improv duo this year, so go see his show at the Duke of Kent Legion. In addition to Michelle Cook and Dave Pruden we have a core group of people volunteering their time helping run the Jenny and doing reviews, including our Reviewing Coordinator Ray Yuen, Lisa Campbell, Kaitlyn Kriss, Josh Fidelak, Calantha Jensen, and new this year Stephanie Adamov.

The Jenny Awards (the actual awards)—The article also mentions the multitudes of stuffed donkeys Michelle Cook has sewn to become the highly coveted Jenny Award. Each year they are different and we have been trying to put together a gallery of them. If there are any performers out there who still have one that we are missing, please take a picture of it (if you could include the label with the year that would be awesome) and send it to us.

The Jenny Awards (the show)—That is our year end wrap up held on the last Sunday night of the Fringe, so this year will be on July 30th at Across the Board Game Cafe. Doors will open at 9:30 pm and the show will start at 10ish. Any company mentioned in the Jenny in either an SSP, review, letter or editorial can be nominated in one of the made-up categories. The crowd, largely comprised of Fringe Performers, decides who wins by cheering. Loudest cheers win as determined by our human sound meters.

Jenny Boxes—I’ve noticed the paper issues have been picked up a lot more frequently at the box in Hospo at MTC, but not so much at the other boxes in the Beer Tent and at Across the Board. I’ve tried stocking up the Hospo box with more copies, but if you can’t find one there please try the other two boxes. Note: The previously mentioned Tuesday paper Issue has slipped to Wednesday.

Well it is back to work for me to keep adding the reviews that came in last night. So depending on when you read this we should be over 80 shows reviewed. Have a great Fringe.

Murray Hunter