Letters – Letters to Jenny

On behalf of the Jenny, I want to thank all of you who attended the Jenny Awards Sunday night and congratulations to all of our winners, and all who played a part in Fringe this year!

During the awards ceremony, a couple of issues came to light and I want to address those issues to clear the air. Both arise from one of our award categories, “LGBTQ+S.” [whatever the exact wording was for that submission]

First, there was some contention about adding the “s” or “straight” into the category. As an Ally, I understand that it took years (decades) for the 2SLGBTQ+ community to able to come out and stand proud in society with an identity. We also understand that some may see it as a regressive step to associate the identity with straight, which was historically the dominant identity. We meant no offence by this merger. The address was analogous to “men and women,” and that was all there was to it. We intended no disrespect and no offence, and we hope no one took it that way. If this bothered anyone, we apologise and we vow to be more sensitive in future.

The second and more important point: the same category associated 2SLGBTQ+S with sex, and that is absolutely wrong. We understand that 2SLGBTQ+ is an identity; it is not an indicator with whom people have sex. Woman (womxn if you will) describes an identity, not sexual partners; man describes an identity, not sexual partners–the same applies for 2SLGBTQ+. We mistakenly coupled the identity with sex and we are sincerely sorry for this. We acknowledge our mistake and we regret that this category appeared in this form. We will ensure that errors like this do not repeat themselves.

We at the Jenny are a progressive group. We embrace everyone and we believe that everyone is equal. We honour those values and we hold them dear. We are humans and we make mistakes. We apologise for those mistakes and we hope that we will continue to maintain a positive and respectful relationship for a long time to come.

Hope to see you all again in future,

Ray Yuen, Ally, on behalf of the Jenny,
Review Coordinator