by Leith Clark
Scattered Minds Theatre - Winnipeg, MB
V.1 - John Hirsch Mainstage 
What stories are told behind the doors of the teachers' lounge? Staffroom explores the depths of this restricted realm.
A sold-out run in the basement of the vacated Eaton's on Portage Avenue made Staffroom a top seller at the 2001 Fringe. Come see what the fuss was all about.

Leith Clark

Show Info:
60 Minutes

Parental Guidance

Coarse Language

Wed July 19 9:45 PM
Fri July 21 11:00 AM*
*(2 for $12)
Sun July 23 6:30 PM
Mon July 24 4:45 PM
Thu July 27 12:45 PM
Fri July 28 2:30 PM
Sat July 29 8:00 PM


Scattered Minds Theatre—John Hirsch Mainstage

Most people at some point in their lives wonder what goes on in a teaching staff room and this play is here to answer the question! The play follows a day in a staff room as the various teachers interact. A teacher myself, the characters were spot on. Jokes were crude (some made me cringe) and captured the curmudgeon perfectly. There were tender moments that captured the do-gooder teachers to a tee.

Mostly the play showed the truth, which is that no teacher is perfect, we are all just trying our best in front of our kids and letting loose our demons with our coworkers.

Kaitlyn Kriss