Robert Will Show You the Door (tales of being fired)
Written & Performed by Susan Jeremy
Susan Jeremy Productions - Brooklyn, NY
V.9 - Planetarium 
NY comedian Susan Jeremy (P.S. 69/ Brazil Nuts) accidentally became a teacher after being fired from almost every survival job. This memoir is filled with stand-up comedy, storytelling and numerous characters. Audiences will share in her humiliation while laughing at the absurdity of the situations.
Jeremy had the audience doubled over in laughter with a stunning performance - Edmonton Journal
She's a natural on stage, bold and engaging - Winnipeg Free Press

Susan Jeremy

Maris Heller

Show Info:
60 Minutes


Wed July 19 6:15 PM+
Thu July 20 7:45 PM
Fri July 21 1:15 PM
Sat July 22 4:15 PM
Sun July 23 7:45 PM
Mon July 24 9:30 PM*
*(2 for $12)
Tue July 25 3:45 PM
+ASL Interpretation

Robert Will Show You the Door (tales of being fired)

Susan Jeremy Productions—Planetarium

What do you do when you’ve been fired from about 90 jobs? You write a fringe show of course! A woman takes us on her journey of terrible jobs and the lessons she learned along the way. Playing all the characters herself, Susan Jeremy did a great job of portraying all of her former bosses and coworkers with very specific movements and mannerisms. The actress had terrific energy and some great one liners. A lot of the jokes were very cute and made me giggle. That being said, the show relied heavily on impressions that were very stereotypical and a few that would have been considered offensive by many. This is a show for the older crowd but featured some funny stories that anyone could relate to. A great show to bring your mom or dad to.

Kaitlyn Kriss

Susan Jeremy Productions

Robert Will Show You the Door (tales of being fired)—Planetarium

Hi it’s Susan Jeremy from PS 69 and Brazil Nuts- I’m bringing back my latest show, “Robert Will Show You the Door“ because it’s really funny and so much fun to relive all the jobs that I was fired from. (16-39 yrs old) My show also has impressions of my mom and stories of hanging with the Doobie Brothers. Laugh with me at the planetarium.

As a bonus, you get one hour of the best AC the Fringe has to offer!