by Sadie Hasler
An Seanchaí - Winnipeg, MB
V.3 - Théâtre Cercle Molière 
Jude just wanted a coffee but was thwarted by all the yummy mummies and their offspring in the café blocking her way to the counter, so she kicked a pram in frustration. It went down the stairs. ("Je ne regrette rien.") Now, Jude has been ordered to take anger management classes and little sister Susie tags along for fun.
Written by UK's award-winning playwright Sadie Hasler, Pramkicker is a hilarious and heartbreaking comedy about family, womanhood and the choice to become a mother. Canadian premiere!

Siobhán Keely, Calum Peppard

Rob Kwade

Show Info:
60 Minutes


Coarse Language, Trigger warning: Rape, abortion

Thu July 20 9:30 PM*
*(2 for $12)
Fri July 21 6:00 PM
Sat July 22 11:15 AM
Sun July 23 8:15 PM
Wed July 26 3:00 PM
Thu July 27 9:30 PM
Fri July 28 5:00 PM
Sat July 29 12:30 PM


An Seanchaí—Théâtre Cercle Molière

I worry about myself sometimes. I worried about myself yesterday when I saw “Pramkicker” at Venue #3 and was laughing uncontrollably at the first 15 minutes or so, during Jude’s (Siobhán Keely) expletive-laced yet hysterical rant about her experiences with a legion of self-righteous mothers at a coffee shop. Is there something seriously wrong with me? No, I don’t think so. This was hilarious, as is a great deal of this show, including the reactions of Jude’s sister Susie (Calum Peppard). No, it’s not for everybody, but it was definitely for me, speaking as part of an intentionally childless couple. I understand completely where the playwright Sadie Hasler was coming from when crafting this delightfully snarky work of art. I recommend this show to pretty much anybody who gets annoyed at others who inhabit their own little judgemental world, and lord it over others. The writing is crisp, insightful, and amazingly funny at points, poignant at others. The performances are top-notch and totally believable; I felt like I was watching an actual interplay between two sisters, not just two actresses playing sisters. If you’re easily offended by harsh language and delicate subject matter, stay home. If you have an open mind and want to laugh until your sides hurt, don’t miss it!

Mike Seccombe


An Seanchaí—Théâtre Cercle Molière

While the subject matter is serious, largely how women who decide not to have kids are often looked down upon by society (but also delving into other issues), the strong performances of Siobhán Keely and Calum Peppard as sisters Jude and Suse really make this a treat to watch. This is a very well written and funny show. If you are easily offended by coarse language, this probably isn’t the show for you, but if you can handle a few f-bombs and c-words (maybe quite a few) then this is a must see.

Murray Hunter