Mail Ordered
by Shanice Stanislaus
Shanice Stanislaus - Singapore
V.6 - Tom Hendry Warehouse 
The Pick of the Fringe of the 2022 Vancouver Fringe Festival is coming to Winnipeg!
Lila, a poor village girl, arrives in Canada looking for any man who can buy her for $100,000.
Featuring a team from Singapore and Calgary, this interactive comedy delivers hilarious Asian melodrama tropes and parody. Described by audiences as wildly funny and delightfully interactive, join Lila as she showcases her dance moves, charming giraffe jokes and domestic skills.
Who knows... you might even leave with your very own mail ordered bride!

Shanice Stanislaus, Dennis Sofian, Andrea Greening & Nathan Crockett

Aaron Coates

Show Info:
60 Minutes

Parental Guidance

Thu July 20 4:45 PM*
*(2 for $12)
Fri July 21 10:30 PM
Sun July 23 2:45 PM
Tue July 25 8:15 PM
Wed July 26 10:00 PM
Thu July 27 1:15 PM
Fri July 28 6:30 PM
Sun July 30 11:00 AM

Mail Ordered

Shanice Stanislaus—Tom Hendry Warehouse

I loved this show. I was still laughing half the way home after leaving the theatre. Shanice Stanislaus is amazing, she had the audience laughing by just making a look of utter contempt at one of the audience members when they answered one of her questions to the crowd in a way that did not please her. The physicality of her dancing was also superb.

One of the most fun shows I have seen this year, I highly recommend it.

Murray Hunter