ImproVision: Mötley Canöe
by ImproVision
ImproVision - Winnipeg, MB
V.13 - Duke of Kent Legion 
The WORLD'S OUTDOORSIEST METAL BAND dons plaid spandex and mooses their hair for a gnarly reunion tour featuring wild tunes like Oars! Oars! Oars! from their new album, Shout at the River...
Sorry, we made all that up.
See, that's what ImproVision does: short-form improv made up from your suggestions/text messages with mashed-up games, puppets, clothespins... and maybe a little spandex.
4 STARS "...can take even the most bland audience suggestions and spin gold" - Winnipeg Free Press
5 STARS "...kings of short form improv" - CBC Radio

Alan MacKenzie, Ed Cuddy, George McRobb

Show Info:
60 Minutes

Parental Guidance

Coarse Language

Thu July 20 8:30 PM
Fri July 21 9:00 PM
Sat July 22 8:30 PM
Sun July 23 7:00 PM
Tue July 25 8:30 PM
Wed July 26 7:00 PM
Thu July 27 8:30 PM
Fri July 28 10:30 PM
Sat July 29 7:00 PM

ImproVision: Mötley Canöe

ImproVision—Duke of Kent Legion

The folks at ImproVision sure do know how to throw a party. I was laughing from minute one. The enthusiasm the performers had was absolutely infectious even down one member due to illness. The skits were seamless and their natural chemistry shone through, leading to some incredible moments of comedic gold. Having been an ImproVision newbie I have no clue what it’s like with the full troupe but the two I did see made up for that fact with an pure sense of glee about what they were doing. My favourite part was definitely the sock puppet recap. That alone was worth any price of admission.

Kaitlyn Kriss


ImproVision: Mötley Canöe—Duke of Kent Legion

After more than 23 years performing their own brand of fast-paced, mashed-up improv together, ImproVision’s Alan, Ed and George wanted a change. So launching a new career as plaid-leather-hair-country-metal-motorcycle-canoe cross-over band was an obvious progression. As challenging as it was to build a spectacular pyrotechnics display in the 50-seat Duke of Kent Legion — our audiences deserve it! Almost no one will catch fire.

Yeah: no. We made that up. Come see us make more stuff up.

“tore the roof off the house… them boys is funny”- a past review