Dungeons & Shakespeare
Written & Performed by Shelby Bond
Shelby Bond - Hollywood, CA
V.15 - Royal Albert Arms 
Shelby Bond (One Man Back to the Future, The Sherlock Holmes Experience) transports you to a world where iconic Shakespeare characters face horrific monsters from Dungeons & Dragons! Inspired by the Bard, determined by dice, brought to life on stage. Each performance is a unique and sweeping tale, determined by audience choices and giant dice. All the world's a game...Come be a player!
Comedic gold - FringeReview.ca, One of Fringe's most reliably effervescent performers. - Winnipeg Free Press

Show Info:
60 Minutes

Parental Guidance

Cartoonish Violence

Wed July 19 7:45 PM
Thu July 20 9:45 PM*
*(2 for $12)
Fri July 21 8:00 PM
Sat July 22 5:30 PM
Sun July 23 6:15 PM
Mon July 24 6:15 PM
Tue July 25 7:45 PM
Wed July 26 6:15 PM
Thu July 27 8:00 PM
Fri July 28 6:15 PM
Sat July 29 2:30 PM
Sun July 30 12:00 PM

Dungeons & Shakespeare

Shelby Bond—Royal Albert Arms

Shelby bond is back with another invitation to create, play, and have some fun! Like a spritely Ms. Frizzle, every night Shelby invites the audience to take risks, take chances and potentially fail a dice roll to put together a story. This show is so much fun and Shelby clearly had a passion for the subject matter. No matter what Shelby was given, he masterfully rolled with it to make the story fun and engaging.

Since it’s improv the show does depend a lot on who is called to perform, but this is a Fringe gem not to be missed!

Kaitlyn Kriss

Shelby Bond

Dungeons & Shakespeare—Royal Albert Arms

Shelby Bond was a nerdy teen and played Dungeons & Dragons in basements. Now he’s combined it with his other love, Shakespeare, to create a live stage show that’s been a giant hit at festivals from Florida to California. Each show is a one-of-a-kind adventure where Shakespearean characters and monsters from D&D are randomly drawn and whose actions are determined by audience choices and the roll of giant dice. Will Juliet be devoured by a Kraken? Come see!