Catch Me in the Kitchen Story Adventures
by Ginette Mohr & Stephen LaFrenie
Catch me in the Kitchen - Toronto, ON
V.9 - Planetarium 
Who will outsmart the most handsome, most daring, most petrifyingly feared wolf in all the province of Ontario Join us for reimagined classic tales with delightful characters and surprising twists!
A storytelling treat for children ages 4-10 and families craving warm-hearted entertainment.
From the co-creators of:
Night Feed: 5 STARS Profoundly compelling - Now Magazine
Fool's Gold: 5 STARS ...mastery of physical comedy - Edmonton Sun
Snack Music: 5 STARS The party starts as soon as you walk in the theatre - CBC

Ginette Mohr, Stephen LaFrenie

Liz Pounsett

Show Info:
60 Minutes

Kid Friendly

Thu July 20 2:30 PM
Sat July 22 6:00 PM*
*(2 for $12)
Sun July 23 4:15 PM
Wed July 26 2:30 PM
Thu July 27 12:45 PM
Fri July 28 4:15 PM
Sat July 29 1:00 PM+
+ASL Interpretation

Catch Me in the Kitchen Story Adventures

Catch me in the Kitchen—Planetarium

This charming storytelling show revisits some old favourites. Stories that I’ve known most of my life and have seen retold again and again. This particular production had new elements of fun and education, as the cast included some French language lessons throughout the telling of the stories, with some fun twists along the way.

Delightful physical comedy, extremely theatrical dialogue, and an overall hilarious lively delivery. I was fortunate to be sat next to a few little ones who were very vocal about how much they were loving the performance, which definitely added to the experience. It shows me that these stories not only still have relevance in the lessons they impart, but that there seems to be an enormous range of ways that they can be told! It was wholesome, nostalgic fun.

Calantha Jensen