An Evening of Magic & Illusion
by Sitruc James
Horus Eye Productions - Regina, SK
V.1 - John Hirsch Mainstage 
An Evening of Magic and Illusion features illusionist Sitruc James and his assistant, Miss Jacqueline, in a thrilling performance that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Sitruc's mind-bending illusions will have you questioning everything, while Jacqueline's dazzling movements and stunts will leave you awestruck. With stunning visuals and a captivating story, this show will transport you to a world of wonder and mystery, leaving you completely mesmerized. Experience the magic and mastery of illusion in this unforgettable show.

Sitruc James, Jacqueline Ann

Sitruc James

Show Info:
60 Minutes


Thu July 20 6:15 PM
Fri July 21 6:30 PM
Sat July 22 4:30 PM
Mon July 24 11:00 AM
Thu July 27 8:15 PM
Fri July 28 9:30 PM
Sun July 30 6:30 PM

An Evening of Magic & Illusion

Horus Eye Productions—John Hirsch Mainstage

Sitruc James takes you on a journey of magic and fun tricks to entertain you for an hour. The show had one or two tricks that were very flashy, one at the beginning and one at the end. The middle was filled with all very basic tricks I had seen many many times before. While most of the tricks were slick, there were one or two times I saw how the trick was done. That definitely took me out of the show. Not the greatest magic show I’ve seen by a long shot, but a good show for some first time fringe goers.

Kaitlyn Kriss