Adventure of the Little Rooster
by The Grand Salto Theatre
The Grand Salto Theatre - Toronto, ON
V.30 - Kids Venue: MTYP - Mainstage 
Everything changes the day the Little Rooster finds a shiny silver coin. Hilarious consequences and supreme shenanigans abound! Dazzle and delight at this retelling of the classic Hungarian folk tale that promotes the importance of standing up for yourself - performed with music, dance, puppets and circus!
From the creative team that brought you the award-winning Fringe darlings Philip & Lucinda and Szeretlek: A Hungarian Love Story 4 1/2 STARS
This is one delightfully silly show - Edmonton Journal
Outright adorable - CBC

Zita Nyarady

Myque Franz

Show Info:
45 Minutes

Kid Friendly

Thu July 20 10:00 AM
Sat July 22 12:15 PM+
Sun July 23 3:15 PM
Mon July 24 4:00 PM
Tue July 25 3:45 PM
Wed July 26 11:30 AM
Thu July 27 12:45 PM
Sun July 30 12:30 PM
+ASL Interpretation

Adventure of the Little Rooster

The Grand Salto Theatre—Kids Venue: MTYP – Mainstage

This plotline reminds me of The Cat Came Back but instead, the star is a rooster, flanked by a flock of ducks and a brood of chickens. You can’t have a conflict without an antagonist, which here happens to be an evil cabbage.

The story is fun but it’s the adventure that really draws the kids’ attention. The “water adventure” has the kids looking with awe, and the “fire adventure” has me wanting to see more Hungarian dance and hear more Hungarian folk music. It’s a kids’ show but it can be enjoyed by adults as well.

Ray Yuen