A One Human Being, Potentially Comedic Performance of Les Mis
Written & Performed by Alli Perlov
Living the Dream - Winnipeg, MB
V.8 - The Rachel Browne Theatre 
One more dawn, one more day and one more show?!
Local middle school drama teacher Alli Perlov brings back the 2018 Fringe sensation that made her a sell out. Playing 30 different characters in a condensed parody interpretation of the nearly three-hour epic musical Les Miserables, Perlov aims to entertain an audience that isn't forced to be there (like her students)!
4 1/2 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press
"One of my Fringe favourites of all time" - Ray Yuen, Jenny Revue
"Can I use 'catastrophe' as a compliment?" - CBC

Alli Perlov

Alli Perlov

Show Info:
60 Minutes

Parental Guidance

Mild Language, Violent Content, Gunshots

Wed July 19 9:45 PM
Fri July 21 6:15 PM
Sun July 23 6:15 PM
Mon July 24 10:00 PM
Wed July 26 11:15 AM
Thu July 27 2:45 PM
Sat July 29 7:45 PM
Sun July 30 11:00 AM

A One Human Being, Potentially Comedic Performance of Les Mis

Living the Dream—The Rachel Browne Theatre

Alli Perlov might be Les Mis’ biggest fan ever and she is here to prove that with a one person version of all of Les Mis. This quirky romp takes us all the way through all of Les Mis in just 55 minutes. Alli has crazy amounts of energy and doesn’t take the source material or herself too seriously. Her show was full of puns and silly gags. I loved her one liners that she inserted that kept the show relevant for folks who maybe aren’t familiar with the source material. You don’t need to know any of Les Mis to follow what’s going on. That being said if you don’t like the original musical you aren’t going to love this show as it doesn’t stray at all. I did at times also find her hard to hear as well. Fast paced and high energy, this was a fun show to watch.

Kaitlyn Kriss

Living the Dream

A One Human Being, Potentially Comedic Performance of Les Mis—The Rachel Browne Theatre

In this one-person musical meets parody meets comedy, local drama teacher Alli Perlov condenses the nearly 3 hour musical “Les Miserables” into a hilarious 52 minutes.

Perlov plays nearly 30 characters and includes gags, witty commentary & fun audience participation.

A refreshed version of the 2018 sell out show, Perlov hustles harder than ever to make you laugh, whether you’re a fan of Les Mis or not!