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Randy Ross

God Bless Cambodia—Red River College – Roblin Centre

A never-married hypochondriac travels the world hoping to change his luck with love. The story begins in Boston and goes astray in Greece, South Africa, and Asia.

Audiences are exposed to the stories “Domination for Dummies” and “One Day at the Curious Finger Body Spa”. The latest show from novelist and Fringe veteran Randy Ross.

Some comments on his previous show:
“A quality solo show” (Edinburgh Fringe)
“Compelling” “Flawless” (Pittsburgh Fringe)

Naked Theatre Productions

Luna’s Suitcase—The Rachel Browne Theatre

Not all 9 year olds have miniature stages in their attics. But little Luna isn’t like other kids. She’s a bit odd, definitely precocious and has an affinity for performing sock puppet sex simulations for her audience of Teddy Bears.

Enter Luna’s attic, become a Teddy Bear, and watch her world renowned cabaret!

Kiss the Giraffe Productions

Journey to Kalcedon Island: A Steampunk Adventure—John Hirsch Mainstage

Meet vile and rakish rakes, tremble at an atrociously atrocious supervillianess, see some steam-powered aeroyachts fly, and watch airship pirates defy death with death-defying feats.

Also, there’s fantastic singing and dancing and a lot of really cool steampunk costumes. Something for everyone! Suitable for all ages. (Seriously – this is totally kid-safe, but isn’t a “kids show” specifically.)

Music and lyrics by Joseph Aragon; book by Heather Madill and Joseph Aragon, directly directed by Leith Clark.

Dramatic Hat Productions

Mercury Man : The Last Performance of Orson Welles—The Rachel Browne Theatre

The world premiere of ‘Mercury Man: The Last Performance of Orson Welles’ hits the Winnipeg Fringe (July 18 to 29), with seven performances at the Rachel Browne Theatre. Written and directed by Joel Pettigrew, this captivating multimedia dramatic play draws on the traditions of radio, animation, and classic Hollywood to tell the lifetime-spanning story of one of cinema’s most iconic — and fascinatingly complicated — directors.

Wish Experience

The Waffle House Daze—The Cinematheque

Tom Waits if Tom Waits were… a 36 year old 5’2 blonde woman who doesn’t play any instruments.

“Raunchy” & “Brutally honest” storytelling!

You know her from The Beer Show, but The Waffle House Daze is Trish’s 3rd solo show, but the FIRST she has brought here! Come get saturated in the humidity and fats of southern living with words of decadence and wisdom, and possibly come out the other side feeling better about yourself and more hopeful for the world.

The Thing Is… Productions

2201: A Sex Odyssey—The Cinematheque

I thought after doing the beer show for 2 years in Winnipeg, it was time to take more of a risk! With the help of many collaborators over the past year, we bring you this new work: a dramatic fictional storytelling show set in the probable future when AI sex robots try to take over the world, featuring a special guest star. Will we survive?!

MTYP Summer Studio

Tumbling After—MTYP – Richardson Hall

With classic characters in less classic situations -this is a dark comedy where the fairytales aren’t the only thing to get fractured. Do you think you’ve heard this one before? Well we got wolf attacks, forced gnome labour, sex ed taught by a pirate, the Boogie Man, a serial killer and the moral is, sometimes life really does lead to and astonishing implosion. We just gave away the moral? Oh My Goose! But you should see it live onstage!

Bumble Bear Productions

Jezebel, at the Still Point—The Rachel Browne Theatre

Cats or Dogs?… If you said Dogs, we’ve got the show for you! An astronaut and her dog, Jezebel, travel through space to figure out how to time travel so that Jezebel never has to die. There is a real dog in the show, she loves meeting new audience members.

“What begins as a fun little sci-fi bit quickly turns heavy and heartfelt… A beautiful, and hard thing to watch. You will never forget it.” – Grace Eccleston, Showbill Canada

Cory Thibert

AWKWARD HUG—Red River College – Roblin Centre

At 19, Cory was an introvert in a screamo band, he was fumbling through his first relationship and learning about the extent of both of his parents disabilities.

“Fringe 2018 Must-see…was totally blown away” – Broadway World

WINNER – Spirit of the fringe – London Fringe

NOMINEE – Best English Production – Montreal Fringe

CRITICS PICK – Toronto Fringe


Flight—John Hirsch Mainstage

The cactus had so much fun last year we had to come back! But to give things an extra kick, we’ve added brand new acrobatics, and the original Off-Broadway cast for the first time ever in Canada! If you missed us, what were you thinking?! (jk, it’s cool) Now you’ve got a second chance. Come check out an acrobatic cactus, a tiny girl prince, and a very confused (but surprisingly agile) pilot in our take on The Little Prince.

“FIVE STARS” -Winnipeg Free Press

“Ingenious” -New York Times

“Astonishing acrobatics!” -CBC