SSPs – Shameless Self-Promotions

MTYP Summer Studio

What We’ve Learned from Watching You – A Double Bill—MTYP – Richardson Hall

Politics can be a real hot potato but Summer Studio has entered the game with this hilarious, smart and dark double bill – One half NSA satire written by Don Zoladis and one half a original metaphorical exploration of what politics is and what its become. Including scenes like ”The Floor is Propaganda”– “Colonialism Hopscotch”, the ins and out of the snack trade – come see what happens when a vote splits the school yard.

Come watch them to learn what they have learned from watching us!

Naked Theatre Productions

Harper & Row—Pantages Studio

Harper & Row is an original piece about two girls facing their grade 7 year. Having each other only as pen pals make it that much harder. Enns and Flynn are “dynamic performers  who make good use of physical movements and facial expressions… in this fast-paced coming-of-age story” –Winnipeg Free Press. Come to venue 3 and see a year in the life of these two charming young girls unfold.

Mindful Productions

Eastport—School of Contemporary Dancers

Eastport, a drama with sprinkles of laughter. What happens when a widow receives a knock on her door, a B&B no longer in operation? Does she let the stranger in?  Who is this stranger and what is the purpose for the visit? To find out the answers to these questions, stop by Venue 13, School of Contemporary Dancers. 3 star review by CBC.  For tickets, click here.

It’s All Relative Productions

Filter This—Cinematheque

Do you love social media? Do you hate it? Does your phone have a life of its own?

Filter This is a comedy where two people see if they can live in each other’s world. Olivia is über plugged into Social Media and Dan, well, he likes pens and scribblers. The Meme is their constant companion… tweeting, texting, and binging into their lives. Can opposites attract? And if so, do they have to tweet about it?

Keith Brown

Hotter Than Potter—Son of Warehouse

Master Magician Keith Brown returns to the Winnipeg Fringe with a brand new show!

Keith is a TEDx speaker, recently played the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas.

Toronto’s BEST Magician… and he’s not even from Toronto!

“You’re Incredible!” – Dave Grohl

“A must see on the fringe circuit” – Theatre in London

“A delight for people of all ages” – London Free Press

“You do not want to miss it” – Mooney on Theatre

See it to believe it!

Weeping Spoon Productions

The Ballad Of Frank Allen—WECC – ACU Hall

Sure. It’s a bizarre premise, I’ll give you that.

But look, ask yourself: “If a man travels half way across the frickin’ planet to bring you a show about a man who lives in a another man’s beard; surely either the show is very good, or the man is completely insane, right?”

Maybe it’s both.

Winner of the 2017 Just For Laughs Award (Best Comedy) at the Montreal Fringe.

5 Stars -“Seriously good writing. Seriously great performances. Ridiculously funny show.” – Adelaide Theatre Guide

Desdemona: A play about a handkerchief

R-G Productions—MTC Up the Alley

We all know the story of how Iago drove Othello into a jealous rage with something as simple as a handkerchief. But what happened in the scenes that Shakespeare didn’t write? Was Desdemona really as innocent as the Bard made her out to be? Find out in Venue 2 with amazing local actors Heather Forgie, Alison Kolisnyk and Kaeliegh Ayre in Pulitzer Prize winner and Tony nominated playwright, Paula Vogel’s Desdemona: A Play About a Handkerchief.

Archetype Productions

A Woman of a Certain Age™—Planetarium

The ladies of “A Woman of a Certain Age” deal with grey divorce, acting-out teenagers, aging parents, disappointing marriages and betrayal by body and mind, fighting the effects of time and a culture that treats them as invisible. A story about more than hot flashes and saggy bits, exploring what real women in midlife and beyond experience (a frequent comment -and my biggest compliment- is “how did you know about my life?”) There’s lots of laughter too ‘cuz, let’s face it, you gotta’ have a sense of humour about getting older!

Fill The (W)hole

The Time In-Between—MTC Up the Alley

The Time In-Between is a story about a young woman growing up, realizing she might be pregnant and the inevitable future of her early on-set Alzheimer’s. Through her scrapbook, we watch as memories of her mother, of love, of loss and of fear come alive. Fill The (W)hole had an amazing time last year with The Writing On The Stall, and we can’t wait to perform for you!

Broken Turtle Productions

Roller Derby Saved My Soul—Pantages Mainstage

What do you get when you combine a heartwarming coming of age story with comic book nerds on rollerskates? By this point, the answer should be obvious. Nancy Kenny returns with an even more finely-honed version of the action-adventure-comedy-on-wheels that earned 4 stars from CBC Manitoba in 2014, and this time she brought popcorn! Everyone knows free food wins a bonus star from Joff Schmidt, so it’s practically a 5-star show; be sure to put this one in your spreadsheet.