SSPs – Shameless Self-Promotions

Autistic Productions

How I Met My Neurodivergent Friend—Théâtre Cercle Molière

Adam Schwartz set out to make a friend, and wound up making several.

By asking itself how to adapt to the individual, How I Met My First Neurodivergent Friend removed barriers to participation for its participants, onstage and offstage. This has created opportunities for some individuals with disabilities and who identify as neurodivergent to return to theatre, to learn something to use in their emerging careers, or to create a sense of being involved with, working on a, and belonging to a Fringe show, while forging new friendships and…of course, enjoying many laughs.


Neurohilarity—Alloway Hall – Manitoba Museum

Neurohilarity brings together the funniest neurodivergent comics in Winnipeg to share a stage.

Featured comics include several Winnipeg Comedy Festival and Yuk Yuk’s veterans such as Kane Greene, Quinn Greene, Danielle Kayhara, Scott Koropas, Adam Schwartz, and Carole Cunningham.

This show is hilarious!


ImproVision: Mötley Canöe—Duke of Kent Legion

After more than 23 years performing their own brand of fast-paced, mashed-up improv together, ImproVision’s Alan, Ed and George wanted a change. So launching a new career as plaid-leather-hair-country-metal-motorcycle-canoe cross-over band was an obvious progression. As challenging as it was to build a spectacular pyrotechnics display in the 50-seat Duke of Kent Legion — our audiences deserve it! Almost no one will catch fire.

Yeah: no. We made that up. Come see us make more stuff up.

“tore the roof off the house… them boys is funny”- a past review

Dark Horse Theatre

Specimen Sherman—Cre8ery

Fresh from a whirlwind intergalactic tour of Altair IV, Barsoom, Wrigley’s Pleasure Planet, and Mustafar (that was a rough crowd), Dark Horse Theatre’s production of “Specimen Sherman” finally returns to Earth! Be sure to catch this offbeat alien abduction comedy before it journeys off-world again! Featuring Fringe veterans Dave Pruden, Karl Eckstrand, and Mike Seccombe, and Fringe newcomers Debra Ross, Emma Stevens, and Simran Bal. Stage-managed by the astronomical Erin Rezansoff (with almost no help from Jango Fett). Experience this otherworldly show now, before the aliens come for…YOU!!!

Keith Brown

At The Table with Keith Brown—Alloway Hall – Manitoba Museum

WINNER of Critic’s Choice BEST MAGIC SHOW Orlando 2023

World-class magic & storytelling from Fringe Vet Keith Brown will BLOW YOUR MIND! At The Table is fun for all ages.

“an hour of laughs, bewilderment, and sleight of hand.” – Parton & Pearl

“Brown’s performance is pure joy” – My Entertainment World

“a real deal magician, and a wonderful storyteller. You will leave believing in magic” – Stageworthy Podcast

Salvador Dinosaur

Otto & Astrid’s Joint Solo Project—Pyramid Cabaret

Otto & Astrid from the Berlin band Die Roten Punkte have travelled to Winnipeg Fringe TEN times!! That’s how much they both love Winnipeg, they get on a plane with their drum kit balanced on Astrid’s lap and Otto holding 3 guitars and arrive ready to explode onto the stage and make a party in your pants! So what are you waiting for, RUN to the Pyramid Cabaret for Otto & Astrid’s Joint Solo Project!!

Merlyn Productions

The Blabbermouth, the Puff Monster, and the Wolf—Tom Hendry Warehouse

FAMILY-FRIENDLY fun! Twelve local talents re-create three traditional Ukrainian folk-tales in under 1 hour, using cheap props for even cheaper laughs (cheap tickets, too – they’re all just $10 at the door)!

Better than All-You-Can-Eat Borscht, and funnier than a Babushka with a big stick (although we’ve got one of those, as well)!

Merlyn Productions Theatre Company is back on stage after 3 years. Bring the kids (and bring Baba, too)!


Dog Gone—Planetarium

A comedy about a dog, what more could you ask for? See the co-creator of “Come From Away” perform. See the writer’s first play since her hit “Slut” at the Toronto Fringe. Written specifically for a Winnipeg audience.

“Boy does Brenda ever know her dogs and what they mean to us.”

“Irene is totally charming and she sure can tell a good story.”

“Listened to every word, I was hooked from beginning to end.

“I laughed and a little misty-eyed too!”

Jim Loucks

Booger Red—The Output at Video Pool Media Arts Centre

Jim Loucks is bringing his rollicking solo-performance back to the Winnipeg Fringe. Loosely based on Loucks’ childhood, it’s the story of a Preacher’s Kid struggling to find his own unique voice, emerging from the shadow of his larger-than-life father, a Hellfire and Brimstone Southern Baptist preacher.

Audience reviews:

“He changes character so convincingly in persona and dialect, and his wonderful singing voice blew me away!”

“An outstanding hour of wonderful moving storytelling.”

“Loucks’ unique voice is definitely one worth hearing.”

Still Your Friend

The Life Henri—Planetarium

After winning a Jenny Award for Solo Performance last year for The Truth™! Still Your Friend is BACK with a personal favourite, The Life Henri: An improbable story of following your own delusions until you make them reality.

“Adam has a gift for words and weaving thought provoking tales”. – (The Jenny)

“Bailey draws from popular culture and his sheer presence to deliver a performance both comedic and tragically relatable.” – 5 stars(Vue Weekly)

“Brilliant” – OUTSTANDING NEW PLAY 4 stars (NOW Magazine)