Coming Soon!

As the Winnipeg Fringe approaches we will be updating the Jenny Revue site with the information for 2015. Yes, that means there will be a Jenny Revue for 2015! Huzzah!

In fact we have already updated our Online Winnipeg Fringe Program and Schedule. We think it is better than the one on the Official Winnipeg Fringe site, since it is searchable.

For those of you who might not know, let me explain what the Jenny Revue is. We are an independent medium for YOU to communicate your thoughts, comments, feelings and reviews about the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. We publish six issues on paper throughout the Festival and also publish those reviews, shameless self-promotions, and letters online. While we do have a cadre of Jenny Staff that help fill our pages with reviews, we want to hear from you.
Art by Dave Pruden
The key parts of the Jenny are the following:

  • Reviews—We do a few things differently at the Jenny, one of the biggest differences is we do not use a star or number rating system. Yes that means you actually have to read a review to see what the person reviewing the show thought about it. We have always done it this way, and think that it is a better way to do things. We accept reviews from anyone, with only one condition: You must provide your real name, and some form of contact info (so you can be reached in case we need clarification). Not all the reviews we receive may get published but well written reviews for shows that have not yet been covered will usually move to the front of the queue.
  • Shameless Self-Promotion—If you are in a Fringe play and haven’t shamelessly promoted your show, put together 80 words—different from your program blurb—and send them to us. Clearly mark them as SSPs since it’s difficult to tell the difference between an unqualified rave by a satisfied patron, and a bombastic bit of self-promotion by a company scribe.
  • Letters—Got an opinion on something at the Fringe? It is always better to get it off your chest. Send us your thoughts with your name and contact info and if it catches our eye we’ll spread the word.
  • News—Our editor is always looking for interesting or wacky things that have happened during the Fringe. If you have a tale to tell, let us know.

See you in a couple weeks at the Fringe!

Murray (Jenny Cyber Guru)