SSPs – Shameless Self-Promotions

Bruce Ryan Costella

Bruce Ryan Costella’s: RAT MAN HAPPY PLACE—Creative Manitoba


– a post-apocalyptic, dark comedy that isn’t interested in making you feel terrible

– cheaper than visiting Disney World in Florida AND you’re less likely to hate your family by the end of it

– great if you’re a Disney adult but genuinely just as fun if you’ve never been!

– a covertly queer examination of community and nostalgia set in the twilight of the anthropocene (which is fancy talk for it’s weird, silly and maybe secretly smart)

The Best Medicine Productions

The Sherlock Holmes Experience—221B Baker St.

This interactive puzzle game takes you all over the festival site to collect clues and hopefully help Holmes thwart a horrific crime. Every evening (7/20-7/29) come by 221 B Baker St. at The Pantages anytime from 6-9pm. This is a pay-what-you-can event that you can do in your own time. When you think you’ve succeeded, return to the starting point to see the solutions. If you like escape games and complex conundrums, you’re going to love this quest.

Shelby Bond

Dungeons & Shakespeare—Royal Albert Arms

Shelby Bond was a nerdy teen and played Dungeons & Dragons in basements. Now he’s combined it with his other love, Shakespeare, to create a live stage show that’s been a giant hit at festivals from Florida to California. Each show is a one-of-a-kind adventure where Shakespearean characters and monsters from D&D are randomly drawn and whose actions are determined by audience choices and the roll of giant dice. Will Juliet be devoured by a Kraken? Come see!

Ragmop Theatre


~From 1/2 of comedy duo A Little Bit Off (2x Edmonton Best-Of-Fest)~

International Comedian & Weird-Lil’-Gremlin, Amica Hunter(they/them) is your basic multi-layered mammalian organism – a creaking calcium scaffolding wrapped in wet pulsing blood tubes and layers of raw meat, all dipped in a skin coating and rolled in hair. Like some sort of effed up, sentient, caramel apple! Join Amica as they consider a puzzling question – what is THE BEST type of skeleton? You decide..

Laughing Lion Wellness Therapy

Laughing Yoga – The Musical—CCFM Pauline-Boutal Hall

Experience Laughing Yoga with Dr. Happiness, his Inner Ear Child, and Imaginary Penguin Friend. Join their joyful journey to Pure Laughter through “fake it till you make it” exercises. Created by Laughing Lion Wellness Therapy, this show spreads positive vibes, peace, love, happiness, and joy. Ten lucky people will receive a FREE WHOOPIE CUSHION at each show!

Fedor Comedy

Dude, Where’s My Karma?—MTC Up the Alley

Comments from the audience after the 1st try-out:

“A laughter filled journey that ends with look inside the reality of the war in Ukraine. Sincere, hilarious and kind.” – Alice (U.K.)

“Never before have I been so captivated and touched during a comedy show, why is this not on Netflix?” – David (US)

“Besides just being hilarious it had all the ingredients I really appreciate: intelligent humour, authenticity, self-irony and a profound message at the end!” – Irina (MD)

Gwen Coburn

Sad Girl Songs: A Comedy Show—John Hirsch Mainstage

WINNER- 2021 National Search For The Funniest Mami (Brava Theatre)

“Coburn establishes herself as funny foul-mouthed female Noel Coward… a boldly brave work… the rare Fringe show that took me completely by surprise, and Coburn’s hilarious yet harrowing performance captured my heart” -Orlando Weekly

“Her engaging, quirky songs are packed with genuinely LOL moments… you won’t want to miss any of the lyrics or the laughs”- Amanda Painter, PF23

A musical stand-up show about Medusa, comedy, and “dark feminist stuff”

Gregoire Entertainment

Mindreader—Théâtre Cercle Molière

Leave your preconceptions at the door and surrender to the enigmatic
spectacle that is ‘Mindreader’! Witness the inexplicable as Winnipeg
magician Patrick Gregoire uncovers the thoughts of complete strangers in
the audience with astonishing precision in a show that is both
entertaining and absolutely incredible.

Get your tickets today and embark on a mind-bending odyssey that will
shatter the boundaries of what you thought possible – or at the very
least, you’ll have a great time!

Susan Jeremy Productions

Robert Will Show You the Door (tales of being fired)—Planetarium

Hi it’s Susan Jeremy from PS 69 and Brazil Nuts- I’m bringing back my latest show, “Robert Will Show You the Door“ because it’s really funny and so much fun to relive all the jobs that I was fired from. (16-39 yrs old) My show also has impressions of my mom and stories of hanging with the Doobie Brothers. Laugh with me at the planetarium.

As a bonus, you get one hour of the best AC the Fringe has to offer!

Small Matters Productions

FOR SCIENCE!—Tom Hendry Warehouse

The Professor and her Lab Assistant are back for the first time since 2019, and they need YOU for their research. Brace yourself for some seriously silly scientific shenanigans.

Mean critical score: 4.7 stars

“a not-to-be-missed treat…” – The Edmonton Journal

Join them in the Lab (a.k.a. Venue 6 Tom Hendry Warehouse) for a hilarious and absurd investigation of instant gratification.