Letters – Letters to Jenny

Dear Jenny,

Having read Ms. Campbell’s review submitted to the Jenny Revue about the life experience’s depicted in my show, “Trued on a Base Story: A Cautionary Tale”, I was somewhat disappointed that she chose to review the experiences themselves rather than the show about them. I was rather hoping to receive some comment on how effective or not the presentation was, how provoking perhaps, or how the production succeeded or failed in achieving its goals.

Choosing to attack me instead of my performance does little to help my production improve, and little to help fellow fringe-goer’s decide what to see, which I have always thought was the goal of any review: ask what a show aims for, and evaluate how close it comes to the mark.

Speaking from several years experience as a CBC Fringe reviewer myself, I know it’s a difficult task, especially when the subject material touches close to one’s heart, as mine obviously did in Ms. Campbell’s case. I should hope she is aware that, when it comes to beating me up emotionally, she will have to train up quite significantly before she reaches my weight class. Nevertheless, I do invite others to come to evaluate the show, rather than the experience I lived, since I can do nothing about the latter, but seek to make the former as entertaining and effective as possible.

John Sadoway