From Fringe 2018

True Blue

Cagey Productions—Onstage at Pantages

Three buddies have yet to miss a Grey Cup and spend thirty years attending, talking about, and causing mischief at every play off game. This show was 100% not for me. I’m not a big football person and I don’t care about the history of the Bombers for the past 30 years. I certainly did not need to spend an hour of my life watching it be poorly told to me by three middle aged white dude bros. The script was poorly written and focused on little besides the stats. I got none of the jokes as a non football fan and I was bored 5 minutes in. Not only was it boring, it was beyond amateur. They had scripts on the table and I stopped counting after their 14th set change, many of which included them forgetting what their places were. When your funniest ‘jokes’ are poking fun at arts degrees, calling a football player the wrong name and sleeping with’hot babes’, it might be time to expand your subject matter. Don’t waste your time or money on this show.

Kaitlyn Kriss