From Fringe 2018

This Might Help

Garçon!—Pantages Studio

Trina and Sam are here to help! These two best friends are here to teach the audience some tools that might help with anxiety. Tapping into the different characters memories, Trina and Sam show us how to rewrite our past to help our current state.

This show is exactly what it says it is. It’s a self-help seminar where a new anxiety tool is presented to the audience. The whole point of the show was to try and help as many people as possible.

The pair were very charming and reassuring throughout the process. You could tell that these two girls really cared and truly believed in what they were talking about. They through in some super silly jokes and references to try and make themselves as relatable as possible.

As someone who does not like ‘self-help’ concepts, I actually quite enjoyed this piece. I have a new tool I’ll definitely use going forward and I feel like I’ve made two new friends. A cute show with not much depth but a lot of heart.

Kaitlyn Kriss