From Fringe 2018

The Waffle House Daze

Wish Experience—The Cinematheque

My first thought walking out was ‘Working at Waffle House sounds wild’, which I’m almost 100% certain wasn’t the intention. Or perhaps it was part of it. We are guided through a half standup, half storytelling hour of the risks of doing all together too many drugs and the rewards of not. Her storytelling was wonderful, but the standup could use some work, as while it was funny, at times it felt forced and even properly under-rehearsed. She often felt as though she was waiting for a laugh that didn’t happen. When the show takes a more serious tone towards the end, it felt quite jarring, which I’m sure was the point, but also a little out of place. Trying to make jokes of subjects like this can be tricky, and while she didn’t hit the mark spot on, she came right close.

Arden Pruden

From Fringe 2018

Wish Experience

The Waffle House Daze—The Cinematheque

Tom Waits if Tom Waits were… a 36 year old 5’2 blonde woman who doesn’t play any instruments.

“Raunchy” & “Brutally honest” storytelling!

You know her from The Beer Show, but The Waffle House Daze is Trish’s 3rd solo show, but the FIRST she has brought here! Come get saturated in the humidity and fats of southern living with words of decadence and wisdom, and possibly come out the other side feeling better about yourself and more hopeful for the world.