From Fringe 2018

The Neighbourhood Watch Improv

The Neighbourhood Watch Improv—Asper Centre for Theatre and Film – U of W

The champs of long form improv are back again with a new set of zany neighbourhoods created by us the audience. Since I saw the 11:45pm show, I was treated to ‘the sexy special’!

The slightly racier show was still as fun as ever with some dirty bits thrown in for kicks. I loved watching them flesh out this entire world.

The cast each take turns setting scenes and creating characters. I found their descriptions both hilarious and helpful as they were explained to the audience in great detail.

While they all seemed to be enjoying themselves, there were a few moments of artistic tension. One of the actresses seemed to dislike the rest of the cast poking fun at her and she seemed to shut down a lot of ideas. Having no personal connection to the actors I’m not sure if this was part of the show or if it was grounded in reality. While it might be nothing, I haven’t seen in group fighting (fake or real) from an improv group and it seemed to slightly take away from the experience.

At the end of the day the rest of the audience and myself howled at the jokes and everyone left the theatre smiling! A joy every time I see them, this is improv at its finest. Set your watches now to watch the neighbourhood watch!

Kaitlyn Kriss