From Fringe 2018

The Last 48

ArtLaunch Theatre Company—The Rachel Browne Theatre

The performers managed to maintain their over the top characters while also holding true to the ever shifting tone of the script, which did nothing but enhance the overall performance. Every actor had a strong idea of not only who they were, but what they had to loose in this 48 battle for their livelihoods. It’s unfortunate then that I thought there was what seemed to me a major plot hole. Without going into spoilers, what was the reason exactly for that congregation of people? This was an idea that was explored, but never answered, and while overall the show was hysterically funny and well performed, that left me confused. What purpose did leaving this question unanswered serve?

Regardless, as the sell out of this production would indicate, this is not one to miss.

Arden Pruden

From Fringe 2018

ArtLaunch Theatre Company

The Last 48—The Rachel Browne Theatre

With more twists & turns than the Red River, “The Last 48” will make mature audiences laugh while questioning their own moral integrity. It is as funny as it is thought provoking and there’s merit to seeing a show that leaves you with something to think about.

Also, are there any other shows that involve a sex leash, conspiracy theories, robots, wrestling, and a love affair? Oh, there are? Well, our venue has really comfy seats too. So there.