The Ballad Of Frank Allen
Written and Performed by Shane Adamczak
Weeping Spoon Productions - Perth, Australia
V.2 - MTC Up the Alley 
From the bizarre mind of Aussie Fringe favourite Shane Adamczak (Zack Adams, Trampoline) comes an award-winning sci-fi buddy-comedy about a tiny man who lives in another man’s beard. WINNER – JUST FOR LAUGHS AWARD (Best Comedy) – Montreal Fringe 2017 5 STARS “Brilliantly written... wildly funny performances... hilarious songs” - Global News 5 STARS “It’s what Australian comedy is supposed to be like. It’s touching, clever, hilarious, and wraps up perfectly.” – Rip It Up

Shane Adamczak, Al Lafrance

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $12
$10 Weekday Matinees, Students, Seniors, People with mighty beards


Parental Guidance

Warnings: Mild Language, Sexual Content

Accessibility: Low Vision / Blind
Thu July 18 6:45 PM
Sat July 20 12:00 PM
Sun July 21 11:15 PM
Mon July 22 5:45 PM*
*(2 for $12)
Tue July 23 9:00 PM
Wed July 24 3:45 PM
Fri July 26 10:45 PM
Sat July 27 1:45 PM

The Ballad Of Frank Allen

Weeping Spoon Productions—MTC Up the Alley

There is no mention that this is a reprisal from 2017. It has been finely honed and though I loved it then, it is magnificent now. The concept is, a tiny man who was a custodian, has shrunk to become a “tongue janitor“ to his friend Frank, as he now lives in his beard. Their relationship is pure ridiculousness, as tiny Shane Adamczak has remarkable control over his gargantuan (to him) buddy. He controls him by pulling nose hairs and other methods, and unfortunately his diet consists of whatever Frank (Al Lafrance) misses getting into his mouth- yech! This is a musical comedy with extremely vulgar and witty lyrics (rhyming vagina with recliner!) Frank is laid back as he relates his sad love story of Heather, who engages in every kind of sex act with all his friends, but not him! In contrast, skinny Shane throws himself around the stage, contorting his rubber body and producing wickedly funny sound effects. A clever concept done to perfection.

I can’t recommend this clever, amusing journey enough and would strongly advise you to see this zany Australian duo while you can. If you don’t laugh your ass off, your sense of humour is broken. I bought their CD and enjoyed it on the way home.

Lisa Campbell

Weeping Spoon Productions

The Ballad Of Frank Allen—MTC Up the Alley

THE BEARD IS BACK! The JFL Award-Winning (Best Comedy) ★★★★★ Fringe-hit returns to Winnipeg! A weird, sci fi buddy-comedy about a man who lives inside another man’s beard is back after numerous tours through Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Combining physical theatre, storytelling, musical comedy and indie-rock, The Ballad Of Frank Allen promises to be a Fringe experience like no other and one of the most weird and original shows you’ll ever see!