From Fringe 2018

Terms & Conditions

Bossy Flyer—PTE – Colin Jackson Studio

Two people who are unexpectedly thrown together as roommates must learn to live together in a small apartment in this comedy featuring the acrobatic duo of Cynthia Price and Taylor Casas (who also appear in Flight). Their acrobatic abilities add a different dimension that isn’t usually seen in a comedy like this, and it really takes the slap-stick up a notch. It also makes the various battles that ensue really amazing as they flip and balance and spin around each other. Very well done!

I appreciated that they let the audience know before the show that in a few movements where they will be doing taller balancing that they would be done in specific spots in the otherwise low ceiling venue.

Murray Hunter

From Fringe 2018

Bossy Flyer

TERMS & CONDITIONS—PTE – Colin Jackson Studio

You want funny? You want amazing? You want roommates who can’t get along?! We’ve got you covered! Terms & Conditions is our acrobatic take on The Odd Couple! With high-flying acro, silly prat falls, and passive aggressive double takes, T&C is your remedy for… well, we’re not quite sure. But people tell us they have a good time.

Winner 2018 San Diego Fringe Outstanding Physical Arts Award! Lots of critics say we’re impressive, come see for yourself. Bring a roomie.