From Fringe 2018

Sex? But I’m Canadian!

HappySad Theatre—Onstage at Pantages

Full disclosure, I have absolutely zero idea what radio programme is being parodied in this show, but this lack of previous experience had little impact on my enjoyment of the show. Nico Dicecco tells us a few stories about a middle aged couple who are introduced to Fifty Shades of Grey, and embark on a sexual journey of unprecedented proportions.

Dicecco has a natural charisma and charm in his storytelling. At times I found myself laughing, and at other times cringing as unfortunate and embarrassing circumstances befell our formerly more wholesome couple.

What’s fun about this show is the relatable content. Perhaps I speak for myself, but I think finding new ways to explore and experiment with our partners is an important and exciting part of relationships. Sometimes this happens early on, and other times it happens after 20 years of marriage. Human beings are complex beings, and sometimes we have desires and interests that may remain unknown to even ourselves until the right opportunity presents itself. However, sometimes having that part of our lives blatantly displayed to our family and friends can be horrifying, but I think that human sexuality is worth celebrating and being open about. Take some risks kid. Have some fun!

Calantha Jensen