From Fringe 2018

See Bob Run

Snakeskin Jacket—MTC Up the Alley

Young Roberta (Bob for short) is hitchhiking her way to the coast. Along the way, her travel partners hears the bits and pieces of the haunting past she is running from.

This gut wrenching play was difficult to watch. I felt physically ill I was so uncomfortable. This is because the actress was so convincing as a survivor of sexual abuse in her child hood, teens, and adult hood.

The actress was so horrifically believable I spent most of the show just wanting to reach out and comfort her. The script went to amazingly dark places. It was beyond sad and I just felt so helpless watching the impending car crash of an ending.

I was not prepared for the content of this show and had to plug my ears during the show. While stories like this are important, and the actress is very talented, this is a show I never need to or want to see again.

Kaitlyn Kriss