From Fringe 2018

Pea Soup

All About Theatre—John Hirsch Mainstage

Playing on classic odd couple classics, two literal clowns attempt to not get evicted by hosting a dinner party to kidnap their rich bosses wife.

These two lovable goofs’ missteps had me giggling throughout. They played really well off each other and had some great classic clown moments. It was very easy to fall in love the duo. They were so expressive and truly believed in the piece of theatre they were creating. I couldn’t help but smile through the whole show. It was so silly and fun the whole time. As a fan of clown theatre I wish some of the physical aspects were a little cleaner. There were times when the gags fell flat because they were performed way too slowly and ended up looking really lame. I found myself wishing they had picked up the pace for the ending as well. Part of what I enjoy so much about clown is the break neck pace but this production seemed a little timid. I wish the pace established in the middle had been able to be carried right to the end. There is definitely some polishing needed, but it’s a nice family friendly addition to the fringe circuit.

Kaitlyn Kriss