From Fringe 2018


It’s All Relative Productions—Pantages Studio

I am soooooo glad that I’m married and so far removed from the dating world. In my day, looking for a date meant going to the Palomino Club; now it doesn’t seem that you can date without a phone. Even if I managed to get a hit through the multitude of dating sites, I don’t think I can engage in the lingo (Ghosting? Catfishing? Backsliding? Un-cuffing? Bread-crumbing?).

Then what happens when you actually get to meet a date? That’s what One Date City is all about. This warm and fuzzy exploration teaches us that it’s all right to seek Mx. Right; it’s also all right to be single. Everything is all right so long as you’re happy with yourself. And again, I’m so happy that I’m married!

Ray Yuen

From Fringe 2018

It’s All Relative Productions

ONE DATE CITY—Pantages Studio

Have you ever dated someone and been ghosted, catfished, breadcrumbed or experienced cuffing season? Or maybe you don’t know what any of those mean? Come see One Date City at Venue 3, and all will be answered. (Sort of.) If anything, you will laugh, or maybe cry.

From the creative team that brought Filter This to the 2017 Winnipeg Fringe.