From Fringe 2018

Maybe Baby

Possible Productions—Tom Hendry Warehouse

I had two motivations to see this. First, it stars Mike Delamont, our God and Scottish Drag Queen; who never puts out anything crap. Second, my curiosity to see what woman would be attracted to and actually marry this huge, sweaty guy with the quirky humour and constant touring. Chantelle is absolutely lovely and a fine actress in her own right.

Maybe Baby is the, I believe to be true, relating of the couple’s attempt to start a family. It is humorous at the onset; but as the play progresses, it becomes increasingly frustrating for the couple and just plain heartbreaking. I found myself silently yelling ‘adopt already’; especially since Mike himself, is adopted. It is a capable production, and may have special appeal for those who have experienced this struggle, but I far prefer any of his other comedic efforts, of which you have plenty to choose this Fringe. BTW, they are all selling out.

Lisa Campbell