From Fringe 2018

Jezebel, at the Still Point

Bumble Bear Productions—The Rachel Browne Theatre

Perhaps Jezebel was tired, or maybe she’s just lazy, but for the amount of time she spent obediently out of the way (albeit in the middle of the stage but that was clearly on purpose) I was almost convinced she was trained, despite what the program says. That coupled with her frankly stellar comedic timing, at least at my show, I was almost tempted to double check with the performer. Ultimately, the show reads as a love note to man’s best friend, and even though I am a cat person at heart, I not only completely empathized but totally understood the lengths at which she would go to keep her pup around. Wonderfully physical, funny and light-spirited, dog lover or not you’ll walk out feeling happy.

Arden Pruden

From Fringe 2018

Bumble Bear Productions

Jezebel, at the Still Point—The Rachel Browne Theatre

Cats or Dogs?… If you said Dogs, we’ve got the show for you! An astronaut and her dog, Jezebel, travel through space to figure out how to time travel so that Jezebel never has to die. There is a real dog in the show, she loves meeting new audience members.

“What begins as a fun little sci-fi bit quickly turns heavy and heartfelt… A beautiful, and hard thing to watch. You will never forget it.” – Grace Eccleston, Showbill Canada