From Fringe 2018

It’s Now or Never: My Journey through the Late Middle Ages

Third Act Productions—Pantages Studio

A tale about a man in middle ages…

…WARNING! This is not a show about The Middle Ages in the 10th century. There will be no knights or damsels in distress. There is a (north of) middle-aged man coping with the loss of his physical attributes as the years continue to mount.

How do you deal with life when you find your body starting to forsake you and there’s so much left in the world to discover? You’re well on the decline of life and you have yet to find accomplishment, actualisation and love (untainted love anyway).

Well-spoken and eloquent, Judah Leblang raises questions for those of us who lag a few years behind him, in the (true) middle ages of life with so much left to accomplish, physical parts still working but not as well as once. How about for the Gen-Xer? Ah, you’re still invincible; this won’t apply to you…yet.

Ray Yuen