From Fringe 2018

INTERSTELLAR ELDER: Badass Grandma in Space

SNAFU—PTE – Colin Jackson Studio

The audience knew it was in for something special when the show opens with a greeting from a perfectly robotic robot to ease us into our cryosleep. The spaceship we are in is orbiting Earth, which has suffered an unusual ecological disaster, and will stay in orbit until the Earth has recovered enough to be repopulated by its frozen passengers (the audience). Ingrid Hansen stars as Kitt who is taken out of cryosleep early to tend to the ship and its important cargo.

Her portrayal of Kitt, using her amazing physical comedy abilities, was a treat to watch as Kitt comes to realize what her life has become. I won’t spoil the ending, but just be prepared to follow along. All in all a great adventure and fun show, well done!

Murray Hunter