From Fringe 2018

Inauguration Vacation

Annette Roman—Onstage at Pantages

Annette Roman probably hates Donald Trump more than me—and that’s a tough feat to achieve (because I absolutely loathe the bastard). Through Roman’s show, she describes the multitude of protests she attended and her efforts to bring light to Trump’s disgusting ways.

Protest after protest leads to the same result—nothing. The ‘murican redneck’s no wiser and Trump continues to destroy his country and the world. So what’s the point of protest?

Roman continues her search for answers in Europe and India; she eventually reaches a measure of satisfaction. What’s the answer? Keep fighting.

You can feel the hate in Roman’s words, but you don’t see it in her delivery. When I have this much hate, I yell and scream and throw things (not really). Roman remains calm and sedate through the show. I would like to see some of the fire of the emotion come out. You’re mad as hell and we’re probably mad as hell because we came to see your show. Let’s be mad together and let the world know! Trump’s a lying, bullying, sexist, racist, stupid, ignorant asshole. Most of the world already knows it but it still feels good to vent.

Ray Yuen