From Fringe 2018

I’m Not Taylor Swift

Daisy Fay Productions—The Cinematheque

I wasn’t sure what to expect out of this show. I’m a Taylor Swift fan (yes, hard to believe a 50ish year old man belting out Shake it Off at karaoke!) and I wondered what kind of Taylor Swift comedy Anjali Sandhu would deliver. The answer is next to none. Now if she really spent $1500 on a Swift-esque outfit, why? Especially when it has nothing to do with your act!

Just because it has nothing to do with Swift doesn’t mean it’s bad. Quite the opposite—she’s very good. She’s funny, witty and fast on her feet. Since we’re already halfway through The Fringe and the theatre is loaded with Sandhu’s family members, I wonder if they’re plants, or if the family support is so high they come en masse to every show? Regardless, it’s a good time and great for laughs.

She leaves you wanting more—literally, because the show’s only a half-hour long and when it ends, you sit thinking that it barely began. I suspect she has no shortage of material; why would she not extend the show to run a full hour? Murmurs rang through the exit ramp with patrons commenting about the brevity of the show.

Ray Yuen