From Fringe 2018


project pigeon—Planetarium Auditorium

I have to wonder how many new age health seminars Alex Ateah has gone to or watched in preparation for this show. She hit every mark of one, but in a wonderfully satirical way played completely deadpan, but so earnestly that at least at the beginning, I felt almost poorly for laughing. Cashing in really hard on the idea that health gurus are just trying to sell books is always a good direction to go, and she so seamlessly transitions from joke to joke that I was sorry to see it end 15 minutes earlier than the anticipated 45. What was a shame was that her co-star seemed more of a tool for more jokes, rather than a character, and her performance too was extremely well done. I would have liked to see her do more, perhaps pad out the runtime, but nevertheless I can’t feel as though my time was wasted.

Arden Pruden