From Fringe 2018

How My Light Is Spent

Play It Again—MTC Up the Alley

This performance is a charming, funny, endearing, and interesting story of two unlikely people. We encounter a lonely and lost young man who works at a donut drive through shop and is in the process of disappearing (literally), and a young woman who is a phone sex worker who talks with him on a regular basis.

The two become involved in each others lives as this unexpected connection slowly grows into something more. Characters with a tragic past and challenging circumstances realize the importance that they each have in the other’s life.

I enjoyed the fluid transitions from scenes between the characters to the breaking of the 4th wall as each character added context and reactions to the unfolding events. It was a very sweet story, and very enjoyable. A terrific way to start my day with a smile on my face.

Calantha Jensen