From Fringe 2018

Hot Thespian Action: Classic!

Hot Thespian Action—Gas Station Arts Centre

Hot Thespian Action has been around for 13 years, presented 10 distinct shows through 86 performances and boasts of >130 sketches and to a sum audience of >15 000, with zero props, sets or costumes. That summary gives you a good idea of what the show entails and the formula remains successful as we have another sold out house tonight.

Entitled “Classics,” this year’s rendition depicts the cumulation of a survey collecting all time favourite skits. Essentially, this greatest hits version “brings out the best and cuts out the crap,” as the troupe suggests. As a “best of” show, all of the sketches should be hits, and they are, bringing the audience to laughter at many turns. Of course, this isn’t a true representation of their original work since I only get to see the favourites. The actors promise an all new show tomorrow as each day, they survey the public for their classic picks.

The Hot Thespians have been around a long time and what they do hasn’t gone stale. The acting isn’t quite polished and the singing is sometimes questionable but the overall package makes up for it, leaving you with a smile as you walk out the door—perhaps even wanting to bleach your anus.

Ray Yuen