From Fringe 2018

HAMLET (the rest is silence)

Echo Theatre—Dalnavert Museum & Visitors’ Centre

One of the rooms in the Dalnavert Museum was the setting for the show and set the mood nicely. Kevin Klassen performs as Hamlet who is re-living the events of the play after he has died. The words are supplemented by images projected behind him. What was also very interesting is they project images of the characters Hamlet is addressing or talking about in two picture frames on the wall behind him. Very well done. Bravo.

A couple notes, it is a small room with tight seating (those little folding chairs with round seats), so if you are uncomfortable with enclosed spaces or being seated right next to other people, you may not enjoy it. Also, due to the small venue (20 seats) if you have not yet purchased advanced tickets, get there early (at least 1 hour before show time) to buy the 10 or so remaining tickets.

Murray Hunter