From Fringe 2018

Grimm’s Fairer Tales – traditional stories reimagined for a modern age

Stories Alive for Kids—Kids Venue (MTYP Mainstage)

I took this in with three of the grandkids; upon the recommendation of Melanie Gall. “It was quite fun”, says Thoran, 8. He was very talented in the role of king, in Rapunzel. “I really enjoyed that.” Isabella, age 11. She rocked the role of witch in Hansel and Gretel. “Is it over already? Can’t we stay to sing more songs with him?” Anikka, age 6. She seems to have taken a shine to Eden Ballantine from Leeds. He blew my socks off as Don Jose in Carmen, with Gall.

My standard for a good Kids show is if it holds their attention from start to finish. This one meets the bill. So nice to see someone who performs for children in real life. It makes all the difference. Bring your little future Fringers.

Lisa Campbell