From Fringe 2018

God Bless Cambodia

Randy Ross—Red River College – Roblin Centre

This is a one-man storytelling show that takes us on a journey through one man’s life as he struggles to find love and connection in the dating world.

Our protagonist loses his job, and with months of no plans on the horizon, uses his severance pay to travel around the world. He shares stories with us about misread situations, sexual misadventures, misinterpreted intentions and scenarios, visits to his psychiatrist’s office and deep self reflection as he tries to understand himself.

Most of us have spent time being single, trying to seek out a real, true, and lasting connection with someone else. I can relate to the loneliness, the longing and confusion when a new relationship begins but then ultimately ends. Why do we choose people who are bad for us? Why do we find ourselves unsatisfied?

The show is a raw, honest and descriptive look at how one man, and perhaps many others, see relationships and their needs and desires. Based on a novel written by Randy Ross, the audience can relate to the quest to find love and connection, and likely agree that along the way to finding happiness with another person, there can be a wild roller-coaster ride of romantic chaos along the way, and that it is worth it.

Calantha Jensen

From Fringe 2018

Randy Ross

God Bless Cambodia—Red River College – Roblin Centre

A never-married hypochondriac travels the world hoping to change his luck with love. The story begins in Boston and goes astray in Greece, South Africa, and Asia.

Audiences are exposed to the stories “Domination for Dummies” and “One Day at the Curious Finger Body Spa”. The latest show from novelist and Fringe veteran Randy Ross.

Some comments on his previous show:
“A quality solo show” (Edinburgh Fringe)
“Compelling” “Flawless” (Pittsburgh Fringe)