From Fringe 2018

Fool Muun Komming!

The Invisible Theater of Minneapolis—MTC Up the Alley

By his own words Sam Kruger says his show is hard to describe and that is the case, but here goes. He is an alien visitor from an asteroid spacecraft who after aeons of lonely intergalactic travel intercepts transmissions from the Earth and has to meet us.

Throughout the show the voice of his ship acts a kind of foil prompting him to tell us why he is there and why his ship is headed to Earth. The reason for this prompting is he seems to be easily sidetracked on imaginative journeys while trying to tell his story. It is a great mechanism to transition between stories, and sometimes echoes questions the audience is asking internally. My favorite one of these stories is a typical day onboard his ship which is told through great physical theatre that is perfectly timed to the supplemental sound effects.

It might be a little out there but it is really a great ride.

Murray Hunter