From Fringe 2018

Final Four

ZList Productions—John Hirsch Mainstage

Part Gong Show, part Survivor, and part Big Brother, with the magnetism of none. From the description, this show had so much potential. It could have been a serious show with real competitors and genuine talent, or it could have been a comedic farce filled with laughter. I’ll give it credit for trying the latter but it just wasn’t that funny.

Problems start with the initial conception of the talent contest. Ok, you have a he-man, macho type—that’s good. Then you have a geeky type—that’s good too. However, the geeky entrant should use his brain to outwit his competitors; instead, there was nothing cerebral about his character at all. Enter the prissy participant who gets by on appearance—that’s fine too, but they never played that up. There should have been prancing about and soliciting votes by enticement. What’s the story with the mass murderer and the hippie? I understand the farce is supposed to be silly but this is just silly without merit or direction.

Ray Yuen