From Fringe 2018

Field Zoology 101

Shawn O’Hara—The Cinematheque

My new favorite! What a find! This was recommended to me by another performer, Rob Gee, of the wonderful Death-A Romantic Comedy. These guys tour together for weeks, and when another performer recommends something, listen.

I loved this show! Shawn’s character, a know-it-all Zoologist teaching us, as his class, really knows nothing, especially about animals. His hilarious malapropisms had the audience howling from start to finish (a la Basil Fawlty) and commenting out the door and into the street, smiling. I loved his hilarious voice of authority as he spouted the biggest ignorance of how nature works. His use of an overhead projector and the silliest drawings and antics on the screen were a high point for me. There is absolutely nothing to say but this is a real winner and one of the most entertaining shows this Fringe. He is deservedly selling out.

Lisa Campbell