From Fringe 2018

Fallen from the Toy Box

The Fourth Wall—Tom Hendry Warehouse

Their previous show, ‘Fruit Flies like a Banana’, brought fame to this troupe and now their act is one of Fringe’s most popular. If you’re unfamiliar with them, the premise is very simple. The trio consists of a flautist, a trombonist and a percussionist; they’re talented musicians who play fun tunes. The edge comes with how they play their instruments and the presentation that accompanies it. Viewers have come to expect them flying through the stage and making music from awkward positions.

This year’s rendition doesn’t disappoint. The music covers a huge variety of genres, from “99 Beers on the Wall” to Carmen, from Charlie Brown, to The Nutcracker, from ballet to drum solos. Highly entertaining as usual, the visual effects add another dimension to this engaging show. Once again, this is a Fringe must-see.

Ray Yuen